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Warranty Period:
1 Standard products manufactured by WASEE are covered by a 2 years global warranty from the shipment date.

Repair Process:
1.WASEE ’s customers should return failure parts to WASEE  for repair or replacement.
2.It is possible to obtain a replacement during the first 30 days from the date of shipment,if the products were purchased directly from WASEE  ,and the product is DOA(Died-On-Arrival).
3.WASEE  provides service manual and spare parts price list.

Service Charges:
1. In-Warranty-Case:WASEE  's customer takes inbound freight expenses,WASEE  takes outbound freight expense.
2. Out-Of-Warranty/No-Trouble-Found/Customer-Induce-Damage cases:WASEE  's customer takes inbound and outbound freight.
3. Out-Of-Warranty/Customer-Induce-Damage cases:WASEE  will charge labor cost and material cost.
4. No-Trouble-Found case:WASEE  will charge labor for each product.


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